Zalman ZM1200-TMX2 TerraMax II 80 Plus Gold PSU 1200W Full-modular ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0, 12VHPWR, APFC, Single rail, DC-to-DC, 120mm fan FDB bearing

Zalman ZM1200-TMX2 TerraMax II 80 Plus Gold PSU 1200W Full-modular ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0, 12VHPWR, APFC, Single rail, DC-to-DC, 120mm fan FDB bearing
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Introducing the TeraMax II Power Supply Series: Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Are you in search of a power supply that combines cutting-edge efficiency with exceptional reliability? Look no further than the TeraMax II series, a range of power supplies designed to meet the demands of modern computing systems. With four unique models to choose from, each engineered to deliver maximum power and superior performance, the TeraMax II series is the ultimate choice for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Efficiency that Makes a Difference

The TeraMax II series boasts an impressive efficiency rating of up to 90% at typical load conditions. No matter the power demands of your system, you can rely on these power supplies to deliver consistent and stable performance, helping you save energy and reduce operational costs.

Compact Design, Mighty Power

Measuring at just 140mm x 150mm x 86mm, the TeraMax II power supplies offer a compact form factor without compromising on power output. Whether youre building a compact workstation or a powerful gaming rig, these power supplies fit seamlessly into any case, ensuring your components are supplied with the energy they need to perform at their best.

Reliability Beyond Compare

With a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 100,000 hours, the TeraMax II series guarantees long-lasting performance and peace of mind. Say goodbye to worries about power fluctuations and system instability - the TeraMax II power supplies are engineered to deliver uncompromising reliability, ensuring your system runs smoothly under any conditions.

Precision Cooling and Active PFC

Equipped with a 120mm fan and Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology, the TeraMax II power supplies keep temperatures in check while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. The Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) further optimizes energy consumption, reducing wasted power and enhancing overall efficiency.

Flexible Connectivity

Whether youre powering a high-performance workstation or a multi-GPU gaming rig, the TeraMax II power supplies have you covered. Each model comes with a variety of connectors, including Mainboard Cables, EPS Cables, PCI Express Cables, IDE Connectors, S-ATA Connectors, and more. Rest assured that youll have the right cables for every component in your system.

Certified for Excellence

The TeraMax II power supplies are built to meet the highest industry standards. Certified with CE, CB, RoHS, EAC, cTUVus, and TUV regulations, you can trust that these power supplies are designed to provide safe and reliable operation for your valuable components.

Choose Gold, Choose TeraMax II

Discover the exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency of the TeraMax II power supply series. With models ranging from 750W to 1200W, you can select the power level that perfectly matches your systems requirements. Upgrade your computing experience today and experience the power of TeraMax II.
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